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Mind and heart in two completely different places.

Only when everything is falling apart, you realize the importance of the people around you. – fire-pentacle (via fire-pentacle)

I dated a guy for year and never felt the spark I feel with you. When I talk to you, you hear me. I’m consistently wondering how you make me feel this way. It feels like ten million butterflies tickle me when I’m near you. I never knew what good felt like til you my sweet lover. I loved you from the beginning, I loved you before I even knew you. And that’s the crazy part, I’m so wrapped up in you. You make me think, you make work, you make vulnerable, you make angry, you make sad, and you make me happy. And all these things I am forever grateful for, because I recieve them from you. You are my spark. You are my happy ever after and more. You are my dark days and my bright days. And not a single moment do I regret loving you..

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